Friday, August 12, 2011

Finishing 5th week at In Sync and the weekend

Just finishing up my fifth week at In Sync and have turned out another broadcast trailer that seems to being flying nicely with the studio. Five spots in all went out with varying degrees of changes that took us mostly through this week. I've started watching my third movie but have been pulled back to continue work on the project out for approval.

At present I'm almost half way through my three month probationary period that will be completely at the end of September. Things continue to go well and the creativity of my work is definitely being noticed here.

This weekend I'll be heading to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood for an American Cinematheque 25th Anniversary screening of "Highlander" plus a Q&A with director Russell Mulcahy. I'm hoping to see something else as far as newer movies are concerned, but nothing is really doing it for me. Although there are some I'm waiting for Rebecca to get back from Scotland to go see with her. Was hoping to catch "X-Men: First Class" and "Super 8" one more time in theaters but unfortunately at this point it looks like I've waited too long; they're not playing anywhere within 50 miles!

On a side note...

For some of you, remember when movies use to last all summer and even into the fall? This, of course, was back before the influx of home video and the DVD market. Now when I read that a movie is heading into it's '3rd big week!' I recall a time when that was nothing. Things were just getting started! These days a major studio film is expected to make the majority of it's money on opening weekend where things begin to fall off sharply just one week later.

Also, I have to laugh when entertainment new trackers revel at the fact that a particular film is still number 1 a week later! The time between the theatrical release and a film coming to DVD has shrunk incredibly. If a movie does well it'll be a whole three months before it hits disc or download. If a flick bombs you could even see it show up thirty days after it's initial release. Crazy!


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