Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We're here!!!

After a really nice drive to San Diego on a truly beautiful day, we're here in San Diego in our room at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Just like last year, we have a spectacular view of the convention center as well as the downtown and bay areas.

After taking a trip to a Mom and Pop restaurant to have dinner, we settled into our room and headed out one more time for a walk the length of the convention center, stopping to pick up a few food and drink items at the grocery store.

Of major note and amongst some eyewitness accounts on Facebook, the "Twilight" Tweeners are already here in force. Waiting in line as we speak outside Hall H, they have sleeping bags and seem to be fully prepared to camp out until the "Breaking Dawn Part 1" panel on Thursday in the midday. On our way back from the store I walked over to the head of the line to check out their numbers, which Rebecca estimated at about 200. I so wanted to shout out 'SERIOUSLY??!!!"....mainly because their mere presence will cause a major delay for everyone else trying to see OTHER panels in Hall H that same day. Would someone please get me the hose?!

At any rate, and on a much more positive note, despite Bill's flight being very delayed in Baltimore with even a possibility of cancelation(!) due to weather issues on the East Coast, he was finally able to catch the connecting flight to San Diego an hour later and is on his way to the hotel as of this posting.

Tomorrow will be ramp-up time to Preview Night starting with picking up our badges at 3pm. We are SO ready!!


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