Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday going into Day 2

Yesterday we made a major decision first thing in the morning right when we got up. The original plan was to wake at 6:30am and get down in the Hall H line, basically to see Pee Wee Herman who was on at 1:15pm. The big problem?: the "Twilight" Tweeners!!

Their numbers had certainly grown from camping out since Sunday(!). But realizing the amount of time we'd have to invest when realizing that we could probably just wait until an hour or so before Pee Wee's panel and then go in. That decision was a Godsend because we were able to sleep an extra hour and a half, enjoy more of the Exhibit Hall, then wind our way back to Hall H where...guess what?....THERE WAS NO LINE WHATSOEVER!!! WOOHOO! No one was in line at all and we were able to go right in! We cheered!!

Once inside, we found the Twi-eeners were only filling the first third of the auditorium. We totally expected to see the place filled! Crazy! Obviously many of them missed the boat (good!) because memberships sold out last September. HA-HA!! You lose!! Once they left after their panel was done, we moved up a bit to get proper seats under one of the main screens.

Pee Wee was on about 20 minutes late due to a delay in the schedule, but no matter. He talked about the original and new Judd Apatow movie (just a little bit on the latter), sarcastically answered fan questions in prime Pee Wee form and even talked about some of his other movie roles as Paul Reubens. Right before that we saw an incredible preview for Aardman Studios' "Arthur Christmas" which is coming in November. The film looks amazing beyond the teaser trailer that's out right now!

Afterwards we went back to the Exhibit Hall to take in the first full third of the layout, followed by dinner at Buca di Beppo. Another great day to be savored!

Right now we're waiting in the Hall H line for Steven Spielberg's first appearance at Comic-Con. Fairly near the front of the line, I'm hoping we can actually make our way closer to the stage and see The Man up close. Also, Rebecca is heading back to LA this morning because she has tickets to a INXS concert. Driving up with enough time to catch a nap, then hang out with fellow fans in line before the show, she'll be making the trip back down to San Diego late tonight. I'm really gonna miss being around her at the event all day today.


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