Saturday, July 2, 2011

My BIG career news reveal!!!

O.K. now that it's O-fficial, I can give you details of what transpired this past Wednesday afternoon.

Before spewing the backstory, let me just get right to the meat and potatoes first; I have just been hired at In Sync Advertising, one of THE top trailer houses in LA, as a trailer editor!!! After a partial ramp-up day on Saturday, I'll be starting there full-time on Tuesday. First will be a three month trial period after which I'll be put directly on staff! UN-BE-LEAVABLE!!! These types of opportunities are very rare, being that a lot of trailer editors can be very indigenous at places they work. Sometimes the turnaround where an opening is available can be far and few between. Sure, there are freelance opportunities. But you definitely have to be a talent to be brought in and placed into a staff situation.

O.K. let's back up a bit to last Monday. As mentioned, I received an e-mail from one of my contacts at In Sync who wanted to know my availability. A second e-mail on Tuesday asked for more detailed information about the starting and ending dates of each post house I'd worked for. Literally just one minute after I responded, the phone rang from the head of the company. He told me an editor was just about to leave which would open up a spot, wondering if I would come in to discuss filling it.

He really liked my work, especially the "Book of Eli" and "Unstoppable" spots I had on my pro-site. I asked what day he had in mind to meet and he said if I hadn't heard back from him on Thursday to give a call. The very next morning, on Wednesday, the phone rang from one of his assistants asking if I could come in that afternoon at 3. THANK GOD I'd actually worn on a nice bottom down shirt to work that day that I could go to the interview in!

2pm came and, being that In Sync was normally twenty to twenty five minutes away in moderate traffic, I made sure to leave at least forty five minutes out from 3pm. I actually got there in twenty to find myself a parking spot almost right in front of the building on Wilshire Blvd.! Finally I strode in the door ten minutes early. A few minutes passed and I was on my way via elevator to the second floor.

This was it, I thought to myself as I was greeted by two people, one I'd spoken to on the phone previously. Walking into the bosses office, he asked me about the last time I'd been there. I told him nine years before in November of 2002. He was amazed I could remember the exact month and year. Joined by a senior editor, the meeting began.

For the next hour and a half he had questions for me, I had questions for him. We talked about career goals, work mentality and my passion for the movies that went back to age 14. We even talked about every editor's outrage regarding Final Cut Pro X as he showed me a funny video someone cut on YouTube. It's crazy how I can be completely on my A-game during these interviews! Finalizing the money, hours and what I'd be working on first, I was taken down the hall to find out where the edit bay I'd be working in was.

The amazing thing about working at In Sync is going to be the caliber of projects I'll be cutting. EVERYTHING they do is TOP SHELF studio movies! I definitely won't be working on any TV projects which was at times half of what I cut at Happy Hour. My passion has always been full-on theatrical features and this will expose me to it five days a week, every week, every month!!

So the very first project I'll be tackling is a major motion picture that's being released this summer. Saturday morning I'll head in to watch it, then do a breakdown which essentially means making notes of all the sections and snippets I'll want to use for the broadcast trailer.

Unfortunately there was one thing that briefly detered my complete jubilation after I got out of the interview. Even though I'd put enough money in the meter to just about handle my time inside the building, turned out there was a 4pm cutoff time on parking due to the need to keep more lanes open for rush hour. Apparently cops and tow trucks are at the ready to roll in once the hour strikes, administer tickets and haul the remaining cars away. As I rounded the corner I saw that every car including my own was now gone from the 10 or so parking spots along that block. So with the very kind help of two reception girls and a gentlemen who worked in the building and had this happen to himself at one point, we were able to track down the name of the towing company so I could take a taxi over and pick up my Mini.

I began to feel like Sandra Bullock right after she won the Oscar, only to get slapped in the face with the fact that her husband had been cheating. But wait, this is my moment! Don't shit on it by taking my car to the impound lot!! Different situation but still a bit of a buzz-killer. $230 later I had the car back and was returning to Happy Hour. Whew!

I've officially moved on to the next stage of my career, and I absolutely want to thank Happy Hour very much for making this happen! If it wasn't for them I would not have all the top studio trailers and broadcast spots on my reel and resume that has now attracted the attention of four major trailer houses!


At July 2, 2011 at 5:51 AM, Blogger Allen Pinney said...

I love being an LA Filmcutter insider! (They really need a like button for these posts.)

At July 3, 2011 at 12:39 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

HA-HA!! Hey, that's what the Facebook connection is for! But yeah, it would be great if they had that here directly.

At August 8, 2011 at 6:05 PM, Anonymous Joe Glickman said...

I'm really happy for you, Dave. You EARNED this!

At August 8, 2011 at 6:20 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

THANKS, JOE!! Yes, it's been an amazing ride!


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