Friday, June 3, 2011

"X2" last night, "X-Men: First Class" tonight

Rebecca and I are heading to the Arclight tonight to see "X-Men: First Class", which is now considered 'certified fresh' on Rotten Tomatoes. Can't wait!!

Ramping up to the new film, I watched "X2: X-Men United" last night in the 10th Box Cinema. I have to say the two scenes that always strike me are the opening where Night Crawler spectacularly invades the White House, plus the very emotional climax of the escape from Alkali Lake. This scene especially is part of the core that fuels Bryan Singer's take on the classic comic book. The emotion, the depth, the story and characters that resonate with our society and feel totally grounded while dealing with fantastical elements.

Two moments that also pop for me: a military missile ruptures the back end of the X-Jet, sending Rogue flying out through a hole in the fuselage. A beat...another music, just the wind rushing. OMG, she's falling! BAMPH! Night Crawler appears, grabs her in his arms and reappears on the X-Jet! Moment two: Wolverine leads everyone to an empty landing field where a helicopter had just been sitting. There's no escape! Suddenly, over the treetops comes the X-Jet piloted by Rogue. She screams while desperately trying to control the huge plane, landing it with a thud and a skid in the snow.

It's a pity that Brett Ratner had to take over for the departing Bryan Singer on the third outing, but it is seriously sounding like "First Class" will wipe that one off the map. I can't say "Last Stand" was bad, but the movie seemed rushed from moment one. You didn't really have a chance to connect like when Singer was at the helm. Thank God he's back AND with Matthew Vaughn!

BTW, I'll finally be posting photos of the 10th Box Cinema by Monday so look for them!


At June 3, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Anonymous Allen said...


Marvel has the best sound effects in comics.

(And I agree with your assessment of X2 and X3.)

At June 6, 2011 at 2:34 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

And they're so indigenous to each of the characters they belong to.


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