Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SO MANY movie events happening this weekend!!

This weekend is SUPER JAM-PACKED with movie events I almost think I'll need to take a day off afterward to recover!

"Super 8" premieres this Friday and we have tickets to see it in the Arclight Dome on Saturday night. Can't wait! Immediately afterward we'll be heading to our friend, Chili's house for a second weekend of his 80's movie summer series. At his two story, three bedroom residence he has a complete 18-seat home theater, a drive-in screen set up in his six-car driveway and an outdoor screening area in the backyard. He regularly invites everyone on his Facebook friend's list and our first introduction to this movie mania event was last weekend where he was showing "When Harry Met Sally", "War Games" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Films usually run simultaniously from 6pm to 1am.

On Sunday I'll be hooking up with my friend Paul, who I met during the "Back to the Future" 25th Anniversary celebration last November, to attend a double feature of "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" plus a Q&A with Jon Favreau. This is part of the Hero Complex Film Festival at the Mann's Chinese 6 in Hollywood. Paul had a couple of extra free tickets he'd won and asked if I wanted to attend any of the screenings with him. Ticket prices are $45, which is why I bowed out when the festival was announced initially. Note that I'm not attending the "Superman, The Movie" and "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" on Saturday for that very reason. Now I can use Paul's extra ticket and enjoy Sunday's double bill with no worries!


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