Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cimarron Group calls again...TRYING!!

Just received a second job request via text from my contact at trailer house Cimarron Group late yesterday. He asked what my availability was for today and Friday. Of course I had to say no because I'm still at Happy Hour. His response was 'no worries' and to let him know when I'm done with my current gig. I said please continue to keep me in the loop and that I definitely wanted to make this happen soon.

This is really great that he contacted me a second time in just under a week, but very frustrating because I can't take it! As of right now I know I'm going to be rolling through next week here at Happy Hour and it could possibly fill out the following. Still have the impression I'll be working until the end of June at least. Let's just hope they'll have a need at Cimarron Group when I do finally become free. I HAVE to get in there, especially now with this perfect contact!


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