Friday, June 24, 2011

Call from Hammer Creative, another top trailer house!

Hammer Creative, another trailer house I've been trying to get into for the last number of years, has responded to my most recent pro-site link mass e-mailing!

I actually interviewed with them twice previously, but this is their very first firm request asking about my availability for next week. I'm still cruising along here at Happy Hour with the notion that I may very well continue to be right up until Comic-Con. However there are no guarantees at this point so I'm trying to keep Hammer on my fishing pole if perhaps there is a break with HH sooner than planned. After checking in here about next week, I had to let Hammer know I was booked.

This has certainly been a bountiful period with calls and e-mails coming in from Cimarron Group, New Wave Entertainment and now Hammer! And of course I just reached out once again to my new contact at Trailer Park to see what might be coming up. Yeah, it's even more frustrating with yet another top trailer house request and my current inability to just go there next week. But I'm still very grateful to be working and I have faith that when the time becomes available I'll definitely be able to get in the door at Hammer as well. The positive note to be left with: they're contacting me!!

Click on the logo to go to their website.


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