Monday, June 27, 2011

4th top trailer house contacts me: O.K. THAT'S IT!!!

Right after I got into work this morning at Happy Hour I checked my e-mail to find that I had a message from Insync Advertising, yet ANOTHER top trailer house and one of the original ten I interviewed with back in 2002 during my very first visit to LA!!! Since that first meeting I've been regularly sending my reel and resume, segueing into the pro-site a little over a year ago. They are last...knocking on my door!! Click on the image to be taken to their site.

My contact at Insync asked if I could send a copy of my resume in addition to the pro-site link I'd sent. I directed her to the bottom of the page where there's a downloadable PDF link, but added an attachment of it as well in my response. She said they had something coming up shortly.

Work with Happy Hour has continued to cruise along, although they mentioned last week that things do slow a bit during July because a lot of people in the industry go on vacation.

So two things are happening here.

#1 - Even though I still expect to be here at Happy Hour right up until Comic-Con, there could be a hole for me to work elsewhere and get my feet into some important doors!

#2 - I HAVE to break loose and work for these top trailer houses, ESPECIALLY since Insync is now the 4th one of those to contact me in the last couple of weeks; first Trailer Park, then Cimarron Group and Hammer Creative.

Bottom line: I told Insync I would be available.

This is NUTS and the time is NOW!!!

More of what I dreamt of, planned for and made traction to achieve my ultimate goal, is happening RIGHT NOW!! And, of course, what I mean by 'more' is the fact that I am working at a trailer house at the moment and clocked some major time with KO Creative, although not recently. I walked through the door and established myself in what I set out to do.

Good sized fishes have hooked on my reel and I happily pulled those in. Now the bigger and BIGGEST fishes of all are taking a bite. I'm not just gonna sit back, let them take the worm, then swim away. I'm gonna start reeling them in like Quint on the deck of the Orca! "Keep it steady now, I've got something really big!!"

I am here, open that next door, LET'S GO!!!


At June 27, 2011 at 1:43 PM, Anonymous Allen said...

You're going to be working with Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone?!?!


Oh, In Sync not *NSYNC - Sorry, my bad.

At June 27, 2011 at 3:36 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

HA-HA!! You so funny! NO, NOT *NSYNC!!! JEEZ!! ;)


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