Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 10th Box Cinema

For everyone whose been wondering for some time...'exactly what is this 10th Box Cinema you speak of?' Well I've just created a new set on Flickr that shows off the best of my home theater in all it's glory. These are just the first few shots to give you a taste, but I'll be adding more shortly.

First an explanation.

The name '10th Box' comes from my friend Maria in Massachusetts. As I was gearing up to move to LA from upstate New York in 2003, I wanted to make sure everything was ready on this end before I made a total commitment; regular work, transportation and a place to live took top priority. But being that I'm a very thorough person when it comes to ensuring security in most situations, Maria observed, as opposed to just jumping in and tying up things along the way, that I always preferred to complete a check list before committing.

In other words I had to secure a list with all of the boxes checked, including the '10th' one (metaphorically final). Being that the place I lived had to be somewhere I felt at home and comfortable in, plus that I would be constructing a home theater in the second bedroom, it seemed only natural to call it The 10th Box. A place to live would be the final box I checked in making my transition from East to West Coast.

My own home theater is absolutely something I've wanted for at least 25 years, piecing it together now over the last 5. Still a couple of items left to include, but what you'll see in this photo set represents the screening room's arrival at being 90% complete. Right outside the home theater are several components that will ultimately become a full concession stand (just for show). Being that this area is not quite ready to be photographed, I opted to hold off until next time.

Click on the image to be taken to the 10th Box Flickr set. You can also access it and the rest of my photo sets by clicking on the Flickr link near the bottom of the left-hand column.


At June 15, 2011 at 2:56 PM, Anonymous Allen said...

Love it!
And I had suspicion that the name had something to do with your packing and moving. Suspicion confirmed!

BTW - The box around the exit sign is a (really) nice touch, now it needs a brass plaque! :)

BTW 2 - Is that art work above the screen?

BTW 3- The living room furniture moved and the game systems are part of the the theater now? Did you sell the TV?!

At June 15, 2011 at 6:22 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

BTW 1 answer: Yes! I fully plan to add a plaque which states where the sign is from and surround it with framed photos of the theater before and after it closed. This shot, which shows the location of the sign as it hung near the main entrance, will be included:

BTW 2 answer: Nope, not artwork. They're sound absorbing panels. I wanted to darken the wall around the screen as well as add some style to the front of the theater. Besides, painting the wall would have been too much work! Got the idea from a similar configuration of wall panels at an AMC movie theater in Burbank.

BTW 3 answer: I still have the TV. It's just in the bedroom now (with the stand) and I use it a WHOLE lot more than I ever did before! DVDs at bedtime, plus I'm about to hook up my second PS2 in there so I can play games as well before nodding off. The black love seat is in the home theater for the moment. I have to say not putting both love seats in the living room has made a world of difference! Feels less crowded.

At June 15, 2011 at 7:52 PM, Anonymous Allen said...

Cool, Cool and Cool.


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