Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 10th Box Cinema BIG reveal: movie theater seats!!!

Here it is! THIS IS IT!! I am now the proud owner of a row of three movie theater seats!!! We're not talking puffy, reclining, super comfy chairs that happen to have cup holders (although those can be nice). NO!! These are actual, brand new, bolt 'em to the floor, swing up cup holder arm, rocker theater seats like you'd see at the Arclight or other fine movie plex!!!

Click on the image to see the newly updated set of photos. Now, here's the story of how all of this came to be.

I'd been talking for some time with a person I've worked with about our mutual love and appreciation for serious home theater design. Before making a career in the entertainment industry, he previously worked with several home theater installation companies in California. We talked about all the elements I'd gathered over the last couple of years, but that I still sought to purchase my ultimate seating choice.

A number of weeks later he mentioned that there was a home theater accessory company in Florida, Seats and Chairs, that was phasing out a particular style of chair to be replaced by this year's model. He showed me the style on their official website and I immediately fell in love with it, happily being the color scheme I probably would have chosen myself; red and black!

I had planned for a row of three because lengthwise that would comfortably fit into my home theater allowing for two others to join me...PLUS, I could sit dead center when I watched a movie by myself! Seats and Chairs had quite a number of these new theater seats and was selling them at a discounted price to clear the warehouse. Being that he had a favorably solid connection with them, my co-worker was able to order the prescribed row of three chairs for....

...are you ready?

JUST the cost of shipping and handling!!! You heard it right!! I wouldn't have to pay for the actual chairs themselves, only the cost to have them delivered! That came out to be an unbelievable $222! How could I possibly say no?!!

So last Monday he put in the order and they shipped the very next day for delivery 7 to 10 days later. They arrived yesterday. Now here was the added bonus.

He also arranged to have a couple of guys he use to work with bring the shipment over to my apartment, directing the chairs to be delivered to his former home theater installation company to make pick up a bit easier. Due to the fact that I live in an apartment, an alternate method of anchoring these seats would have to be put in place; two steel plates covered with aesthetically pleasing dark grey mats. They came by this morning at 7:45am to assemble the row in an hour flat, and I have to say I was very impressed with not only their precision, but in how careful they were with assembly!

Expertly bolting the stands (arm rest posts) to those two steel plates, they even washed their hands afterward to continue assembling the fabric covered components with rubber gloves....RUBBER GLOVES!! Talk about care! I told them afterwards how much I appreciated the lengths they took to keep each piece brand-new clean as they put everything together. If I ever transfer my home theater into an actual house and do more expanding, I will definitely call these guys!

Still can't get over my amazing fortune to have connected up with this guy I've been working with who helped me realize a 25 year old dream come true!! Movie nights in the 10th Box Cinema will never be the same! In fact, I expect to get much more mileage out of the home theater, enjoying even more screenings now that I have these amazing theater seats!


At June 28, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Anonymous Allen said...

HOLY SH**!!!
Those are awesome, and the color scheme is perfect too!

At June 28, 2011 at 2:46 PM, Blogger LA Filmcutter said...

I CAN NOT agree more!!

As mentioned, I have to say that the red is a bit more vibrant in these photos than what you would see with the naked eye. Had to swing the directional lighting in the ceiling around to the back of the room just to have enough brightness to take proper photos.

Next step: watch A LOT of movies!!!

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