Friday, May 20, 2011

My Groove and her 4th Anniversary

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...I have my groove back at last!

Went to the dealership this morning to pick up my Mini. What an amazing experience to get back behind the wheel after two months and realize how much I missed her. The only thing they missed to was to give her a wash, but that was totally fine with me since I usually do all of that myself. Once inside, the very first thing I did was plug in the iPod and start my Mini playlist. Track 1: 'Love's Theme' by the Love Unlimited Orchestra. The same track I played when I first picked her up from the dealership in 2007.

And with that in mind, I can now officially acknowledge my Mini's forth anniversary. Maybe a little late because I was waiting for her return, but it was four years ago at the beginning of May that she arrived in my possession. Now I have a brand new engine and a brand new 2-year warranty. Let the motoring continue!


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