Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here in Oakland

And we've arrived in Oakland....O.K. well that was at 8:10pm and we've been on a tri-state kill spree looking for food after the airport loudspeaker lied to us that restaurants were open until 9pm. They weren't.

So with Bill having even MORE delays because a passenger on his eventual flight that left two and half hours later had a stroke. They had go divert to Indianapolis where he spent more than an hour waiting for paramedics to arrive and handlethe situation.

We ended going off-site from the airport to find a Denny's to has a proper dinner. Now we're just waiting for Bill whose much later flight from Vegas was another 25 minutes late. He's due to get in about forty five minutes from now and we'll have to beat to the subway befor the last train at 12:20am. If we miss it, we'll have to take a very expensive cab ride to downtown San Francisco. I have faith that we'll be O.K.

Nevertheless, we are SO glad to be here with full stomachs and ready to take on Wondercon....right after we sleep in a little in the morning! Thank God they don't open until noon.


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