Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Day's weekend

Had a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner with Rebecca on Saturday night, took the better part of Sunday washing my Mini, and tonight is the AMC special two night screening of "Sixteen Candles" which we'll be attending at the Burbank 16. Click on the image for more details of this limited event.

Didn't quite finish the car though. Still have the alloy wheels to clean and THAT's going to take about 90 minutes because of the amount of road dirt accumulation. Plus I still need to wipe down the entire interior. Body, windows and vacuuming: check! Did manage to do a preliminary top coat wash last Tuesday just to get several months of grim off. My work and weekend schedules have been so hectic that there just has not been enough time to give her the proper full day treatment. SO nice to get into a clean car again!

Rebecca and I will be heading to the "Sixteen Candles" screening after I get off a work just a bit early tonight to give me time to get there. Traffic through the heart of Hollywood is going to be brutal, what with everyone going out for Valentine's Day dinner. Which is part of the reason why we decided to do it on Saturday so we'd have more time to enjoy.


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