Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2010 Oscar Nominations

The Oscars are only a few days away and I wanted to give my take on the nominations.

First up, I am totally and completely rooting for "The King's Speech" to win Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor! This movie absolutely deserves the recognition it's been getting and will hopefully go on to a major win Sunday night. Certainly "The Social Network" has been a frontrunner, but as we've been approaching the Academy Awards many have been leaning more in the direction "Speech" for a possible sweep. Bring it!!

Colin Firth seems to be the clear choice for Best Actor, but Geoffrey Rush may end up being eclipsed by Christian Bale in "The Fighter", a movie I thought was O.K. with Bale's performance being a huge standout. Good for Jeremy Renner being nominated in "The Town", a movie that was SERIOUSLY passed over by The Academy! Ben Affleck's brilliant Boston heist movie SHOULD have been nominated for Best Picture!! I mean, c'mon! Another of my favorites in 2010.

I'd really like to see Natalie Portman win for "Black Swan", even though I have not seen the film yet. Rebecca said it was dark and disturbing at times.

Best Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld in "True Grit" has this all sown up! I'd be truly surprised if anyone else walked away with the award! Even though Helena Bonham Carter and Amy Adams were both excellent in "The King's Speech" and "The Fighter" respectively.

HUGE YAY!!! "Toy Story 3" was not only nominated for Best Animated Feature but also Best Picture!!! STILL my absolute favorite movie of 2010! Certainly it will take the BAF statue.

Christopher Nolan snubbed for "Inception"? Absolutely!! Even though we were probably the only ones on the planet who didn't think the movie was the second coming of Christ, I still admired the complexity, depth and visual awe the film delivered. The movie's nominated for BP but not Best Director. Serious robbery for one of today's completely original and incredibly talented directors!!

Banksy, Banksy, Banksy....everyone's talking about Banksy. Will he be banned for not wanting to show his face? Blah, blah, blah. Just let the man be who he is and appreciate the work rather than shun his facial preference. C'mon, if Daft Punk can do it....speaking of which...

Music (Original Score)...HELLO??!!! Where's Daft Punk's score for "Tron Legacy"?!! Really??!! No nomination?! Another major oversight! Plus, "Legacy" is not even nominated for Best Visual Effects! What, are we echoing back to the 1983 Oscars when the original "Tron" was shunned in that nomination as well because The Academy felt the filmmakers cheated. PPFFF!! Please! "Hereafter" nominated instead? STOP!!! You're killing me! O.K. so "Legacy" garnered a nod for Best Sound. It damn well better GET IT because the sound design was truly AMAZING!!

And from my corner on the Best Editing front, I could see "127 Hours" taking the award...or possibly "The Social Network".

So that's it! We'll be heading to the Silent Movie Theatre on Sunday afternoon for a special Oscar telecast screening. Joining the fans to watch the red carpet arrivals and evening's ceremony on the big screen while seated in large, comfy leather couches. Aaaahhh!


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