Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 career rundown: passing very happily and very comfortably into the new year!

As I left Happy Hour Creative at the end of the last work day of 2010, which was Thursday, I looked back as the door slowly closing behind me with a real sense of accomplishment and advancement in my career. With that in mind I have to say right up top...what an amazing year 2010 was! SO many great things happened and most important, the work flowed perfectly with only a few medium to minor interruptions.

Even though I was SOOOO glad 2009 had ended and we were heading into a better year, that all important first quarter work contact had not come to be yet, allowing me to continue on with my career from the previous 12-month almost dead stop. Starting work for the first time with Playground Media Group in February would be a financial God-send, but eventually turned strange as their own mismanagement began to work against our work relationship. But no the end Happy Hour Creative picked me up a few weeks later.

Segueing from Happy Hour to my first gig at Secret Headquarters would continue The Great Rebound. After that extended to a month and a half and a great repore was built with a new post house, the phone rang once again from HHC asking about my availability. Little did I know at the time, but this would be my mainstay for the remainder of the year. A project that initially was to be only a few weeks long ended up becoming multiple projects, taking me on and off all the way to Comic-Con week in July. A few more weeks passed after that and I was back at Happy Hour once more towards the end of August with another project I was told would probably only last two weeks, again sprouted into even more theatrical and broadcast trailers and spots bringing me straight through the entire fall and holiday season.

Almost four and a half months later, I'M STILL HERE!!! 2010 now officially represents not only a major advancement in my career, but also surpasses 2006 as the most work intensive forth quarter and holiday period since I've been in LA. That's something to be extremely thankful for!

Here's to the bright new year that's upon us! So many opportunities, so many wonderful adventures ahead, so many more cool projects to cut! Not to mention 73 more post houses to crack!!

Oh shit....wait a minute! I DIDN'T WATCH "2010" THIS PAST YEAR!!! Was thinking about it going into the fall and never followed through....LAME, I AM! LOL! Must do that this week!


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