Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WTF?!! Jon Favreau is OUT?! Seriously?!

OMG, breaking fucking news!

Jon Favreau has reportedly stepped aside as director of "Iron Man 3"! This due to the studio wanting to add even MORE superheros to the third installment. This whole "Avengers" angle is what's ruining Shellhead's movie playground! There's also some chatter that the studio is trying to force him out because of the price tag on him and the project.

This is complete and utter BULLSHIT! Why is it when someone who knows what they're doing, connects with the characters and world they inhabit completely, AND turns out a major hit...the goddamned studio steps in and fucks everything up!! This is the same shit that happened with the "Spider-Man" franchise!

Important side note: Robert Downey, Jr. has directorial approval provisions in his contract. I say he leaves "Iron Man 3" FLAT and let what is now Disney's problem blow up in their faces. Plus, after what I've heard about Marvel tightening it's belt due to the connection with the Mouse house, the budget for "The Avengers" is painfully low. Yup, you're right, you know what's coming next....

"The Avengers" is going to SUCK!!!

Click on the image to read the full story. I remember meeting Jon Favreau at Comic-Con the summer before "Iron Man" premiered. This was after that first exclusive trailer screened for 6,000 screaming fans in Hall H. As he signed a poster for me I said, 'you HAVE to do at least three of these'. His response; 'that's what we're working towards and what I'd love to do.' Now it looks like someone else will have to step in and do the studio's bidding.

I at least admire Favreau for not bending to the whims of people (Disney) who obviously don't know the right direction for the character of Iron Man or the importance of maintaining what was accomplished in the first movie. This is truly a depressing day.


At December 14, 2010 at 7:18 PM, Anonymous Allen Pinney said...

This is NOT Disney's fault!
This is the fault of Kevin Feige and the stingy suits at Marvel Studios. Remember, they gave Ed Norton and Terrence Howard both the boot because of money. Their belt-tightening ways started long before Disney showed up.

If anything Disney is guilty of spending too much money on their "blockbusters" - ie: The self-destructing "Pirates" franchise and the big-budget disappointment "Sorcerer's Apprentice".
Plus look at all the money they (Disney) spent on "TRON: Legacy" and its relatively unknown director. AND... Favreau is now signed on to direct the "Magic Kingdom" movie for Disney. The Mouse obviously likes him and wants to keep him around.

Nope, it's those nut jobs at Marvel trying to squeeze 10 lbs. of super-hero into a 5 lbs. movie. The Marvel movie-verse is about to collapse under its own weight.


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