Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Tron Legacy" screening 2.0

Just saw "Tron Legacy" again this past Sunday, this time in IMAX 3D which was insanely immersive!!! I definitely love the movie EVEN MORE the second time around!

SPOILER ALERT!! Don't read the following if you haven't seen the movie yet! "Keep your eyes shut, Marion!!"

I definitely understood when the moment came that Tron connects with Flynn, causing him to 'wake-up' from his repurposed program, Rinzler, to realize who he truly is. That was a bit fuzzy on the first go-around. I was more accepting of the way they de-aged Jeff Bridges for his younger self as well as CLU. Again, the rest of the movie was just so cool to have that take any large chunk of enjoyment away from the total package. I also caught a few more tidbits of how the system was born.

I actually picked up the graphic novel "Tron Betrayal", reading it from cover to cover before Sunday's screening. It definitely added some great back story on how Kevin Flynn went from his first experience on the grid in the original "Tron" to creating his very own digital frontier. However, the book didn't end with a satisfying enough bridge to the new movie, I felt.

One of the most nicely connective moments in the movie, for me, is not even in the digital world. It's when Sam enters Flynn's Arcade, flips on the power switch, Journey's "Seperate Ways" begins to play, and finally....Sam goes upstairs to see where his father use to live; the loft with that wrap around sofa, now covered in plastic. That one moment really took me back and gave me a chill of sweet wonderment.

Absolutely look forward to seeing the movie again in the theater soon!!


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