Tuesday, December 7, 2010

STOP the bashing!!

I'm getting ridiculously tired of all the "Tron" bashing that's happening online...both original and "Legacy"! As I keep loudly proclaiming, the 1982 film is A CLASSIC and was groundbreaking for it's time. Just plain fed up with comments like 'how uncool, unstylish, outdated or poorly made the original truly was' when describing the flick.

Bottom line: I believe the new movie will be to us what "Scott Pilgrim" apparently is to everyone else; a true gem to be savored again and again, regardless of what ANYONE says! My bet is this thing will fly through the stratosphere with fans worldwide and immediately spawn a sequel.

For your further annoyance, here's another dumbass put-down article.

BTW, Disney has not only stopped producing and selling the 20th Anniversary DVD of the original film, but has pulled all copies from shelves everywhere. Also learned recently that Disney diverted the planned Blu-ray release of the original "Tron" because of reaction to a special screening in Hollywood recently. Apparently the movie was met with laughter aimed at the costumes and what people now consider 'shoddy effects'. Assholes! "Tron" ROCKS! The studio didn't want people to think that the new one would have the same type of look and effects, thus turning away moviegoers who might think the new one, in their words, was 'just as ridiculous looking'.

I learned that Steve Liseberger was personally supervising the special Blu-ray edition of the "Tron" which will be released with all the bells and whistles after "Legacy" has had it's run. Probably next year towards the early Spring. He apparently has been doing some restoration on the original effects to improve them. Not like Lucas did with "Star Wars"...just subtle enhancements here and there.

SCREW everybody else...I'm ready, BRING IT ON!


At December 8, 2010 at 2:44 AM, Anonymous Allen Pinney said...

Exactly - SCREW 'EM!!!
We need to have thick skins, There are not too many people -- from our generation or those that followed -- that get "TRON", and that's just too bad (and sad) for them.

BTW - the Light Cycle banner nearly melted my brain, wow that's loud! LOL


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