Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More about Jon Favreau's split

There's been some clarification today as to why Jon Favreau parted ways with directing "Iron Man 3".

As mentioned, I really do admire him and think he's trying to paint a positive face on the whole thing as opposed to saying anything out of turn. Bottom line: it really does seem like Marvel and Disney plan to blow things way out of the water when it comes to their upcoming slate of superhero movies; multiple characters crossing over into multiple movies. This obviously was too much for Favreau's sensibilities (rightly so) and he decided to split....pure and simple. still SUCKS [pointing my finger accusingly at Marvel and Disney]!

I'm still very saddened by the direction the studios want to pursue and that such a great director will no longer be guiding Tony Stark's next adventure. Hey BTW....whose going to be playing "Happy" Hogan now in future "Iron Man" movies? No one's really addressed that yet.


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