Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Tron Legacy" tickets about to drop

Watching and waiting for "Tron Legacy" tickets to drop at The Arclight...could be late tonight. They're available at the Pasadena and new Beach Cities locations, but not Sherman Oaks where we'll ultimately see it. What's that you say? What about The Arclight Dome? Well you can blame that on Disney!

Because of the proximity of the Arclight Hollywood to the El Capitan Theatre just a short series of blocks away, there's a contractual agreement that says the Arclight can't show a major Disney movie at their Hollywood location. The Mouse House wants everyone to come to their flagship theater and doesn't want the competition. You know what I have to say to that...not acceptable!

The screen at the El Capitan Theater is good, but not big enough in scope to encompass the world we're about to enter on December 17. This is a cinema event and the movie should be allowed to show on the amazing Dome screen. Instead it will probably bypass that theater all together, with Arclight's closest big premiere at their Sherman Oaks location. It's still a fantastic theater with much better screens than the El Capitan. But I'll still be sad about it's absence from The Dome. Just not fair.


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