Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo of us on BTTF.com!

There's a photo of the "Back to the Future" DeLorean with train wheels as part of an article on BTTF.com. Looking closely I noticed Rebecca and I are in the photo! Right to the left and right of Mr. Fusion. Check it out by clicking on the photo!

Sunday's locations tour was absolutely AMAZING and downright emotional!!! I'll have a full report shortly of the screening of "BTTF" at the Puente Hills Mall on Friday and the locations tour.

But wait, there's more!

One of the events this week I really wanted to go to but had been a little undecided about was the Universal Studios "BTTF" exclusive backlot tour. Due to the fact that it was scheduled during the day and I'm working all this week, it was near impossible for me to think about going. Even though I was starting to feel like I'd be missing out because Ken, the organizer of this 25th Anniversary event, seriously hit the ball out of the park this past weekend with so many incredible elements to the start of the "Back to the Future" Celebration.

But there's been a fast turnaround on all of that today. Yes, True Believers, I now have a ticket for the event AND the "all-clear" sign from work to come in late tomorrow! YES!!! I'm also hoping Rebecca might be able to take a little time off from work and head up to join me, being that it's right up the hill from her building. Tour starts at 10am at Universal, and the one thing I wish for above all else is to actually step off the tram and step onto the pavement on Main Street right near the Clock Tower. Here's keeping my fingers crossed. Whatever happens, I'm sure tomorrow will be another amazing day!!


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