Monday, November 22, 2010

Comic-Con hotel reservations

I just made our reservations at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront for Comic-Con 2011....well, half of it.

Unfortunately the Hilton has taken the same route as the Marriott at the other end of the San Diego Convention Center; full payment for the entire stay in advance. I was hoping things would be different at the Bayfront but apparently this is a policy many hotels are now adapting. That doesn' t change the fact that it still sucks, and turns away many people who can't afford to put that much money down this far in advance, thus losing out on their chance to stay where they chose.

So, our reservation are for the three highest traffic nights during the event; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In a reasonably short amount of time I'll add the two nights before and one night after that is our customer stay length. Ultimately I'm glad we have this in place and already paid for. As always, we'll appreciate not having to spend this money later....and for the first time, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, will be paid for well in advance with only spending and food money needed to be gathered leading up to next July. In comparison to the high-priced hotel reservations which is the bulk of the financial weight, that amount has always been a drop in the bucket in comparison.


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