Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spot-on complaint about the "BTTF" Blu-ray packaging

This is seriously the kind of crap I've been bitching about for years! The studio's ofttimes disregard for the consumers' handing of DVD packaging.

This guy talks about how unprotective and thoughtless the lock-in mechanism that holds each disc is for the new "Back to the Future" Trilogy Blu-ray set is. Click on the DVD case to read the full article. Echoing his complaint, I definitely had my share of snapped discs because they were locked in way too hard. One more reason why I'm about to load my entire collection onto a hard drive and store away these poorly designed cases. This isn't about the awesome new special edition set, it's about shoddy storage functionality.

I seriously want to find the asshole who came up with the concept for these and SLAP HIS FAT FACE!!!


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