Monday, October 18, 2010

New week at Happy Hour and the EW DeLorean

Starting my sixth week straight at Happy Hour Creative. Hoping this will be another full one for me. Working on additional changes on the project-to-be-named-later, as well as the possibility of creating an entirely new broadcast spot. Meanwhile, I continue to work on my second spot for the sophomore season of that ABC series.

This past weekend I completed adding more content to my friend John's "Back to the Future" documentary. Got an e-mail from Ken, the organizer of the "BTTF" 25th Anniversary event, who had just seen my John Hughes tribute video "Through the Eyes of John Hughes". When we spoke earlier this month he mentioned that he might have seen it previous. So I sent a link as a refresher. He LOVED it and is looking forward to working with John and I as we bring John's documentary and my BTTF anniversary trailer to the event.

We also talked about my contributing to another of the week's programming. Turns out there will be multiple monitors on the bus that's taking everyone on the location tour. Ken wanted to know if I could cut some individual clips from the movie to give a visual reference for fans as we approach each stop. Of course I told him I'd love to be involved with that(!), and could even add some nice eye candy....which I won't talk about yet just to keep things under wraps.

Had an amazing discovery over the weekend. The first time Ken and I spoke he was preparing his DeLorean conversion for a photo shoot in NYC, leaving the next day. That was two weeks ago. This past Saturday night when I went to see "The Town" I happened upon a copy of the Entertainment Weekly reunion issue. As I flipped through the pages to see Lea Thompson and Michael J. Fox posing next to the DeLorean Time Machine, I suddenly had a thought about the timing of when Ken said he was heading to the Big Apple...maybe this was his conversion. Then, turning the page, I saw a credit below the second photo in the shoot that credited him as the owner and converter of the car!

WOW! Talk about having a SERIOUS IN! I was very impressed. When I speak with him sometime this week I HAVE to hear the details of how that happened, the coolness of having his DeLorean appear with Fox and Thompson, and what it was like to hang with them for the shoot! Click on the image to see the full spread.

A little over two weeks to go until THE BTTF event!


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