Friday, October 1, 2010

Expanding our "BTTF" event tickets

Decided to buy tickets for the 'Battle of the Bands' event on Saturday, November 6 due to the fact that there's more going on than just a giant Guitar Hero competition.

Here's the additional line-up:
Screen Used Prop Museum
Hill Valley Film Festival: Fan Films and Collections
DeLorean Car Show
Trilogy set photographer Ralph Nelson unveils the first public viewing of all continuity polaroids from all three movies

Between this, the screening at the Puente Hills Mall the night before and the locations tour the day after, this will make it a true "Back to the Future" weekend! Still holding out to attend 'The Time Machine...Disassembled' on Tuesday the 9th. Have not purchased tickets yet but that was the last event I'd checked off as 'want to go to'.

Unfortunately the individual tickets for the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance are now SOLD OUT. I was pretty frustrated by the news for a number of reasons I've mentioned here previously. I'm just hoping it turns out to not include anything we'll be happy to hear didn't happen later as opposed to 'oh shit, they did WHAT?!!!....and WE MISSED IT??!!'

Work has been pretty busy today so I'll be giving Ken, the event organizer, a call either tonight or tomorrow about John's documentary and my tribute trailer....which, BTW, I need to start cutting!!!


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