Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work continues at Happy Hour

Ended up cutting three broadcast spots for "the movie to be named later" during the past week and a half. Out of the first initial series of spots cut by four editors (including myself) and sent to Twentieth Century Fox, word came back that two had gone to the top with mine being one of the favorites. Was really happy to hear that yesterday!

Started working on this a week ago Tuesday, watching the movie first then cutting spot number 1. Friday began the second finishing Monday, with Yesterday rounding out my completion of the third. Today I've switched projects and am working on a revised broadcast spot for the new FOX comedy series "Mixed Signals". That will take me into tomorrow as we wait for notes to come back on the other project.

At this point I feel pretty good that I'll be spilling over into next week. There's also been talk of work happening here in connection with the upcoming AFM so fingers crossed that I might roll over into that.

This and last week have been a lot of fun creating some really diverse and off-the-wall spots for that major motion picture. Plus, the very positive acknowledgment of my work has been really sweet icing on the cake. I am truly in my element cutting trailers.


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