Friday, September 10, 2010

Re-working a project in a new location

Last week saw me working the first three days of the week on a Summit Entertainment promotional reel at Happy Hour Creative. As always, I truly thought this could blossom into a full week and even extend into this one due to one of their staff editors being on vacation. Such was not the case as there was not enough work to warrant keeping me around.

However, I did hook up with a producer who had recently left a post house I've worked with (that will remain nameless for privacy reasons) to continue on a project I started a few months back. He gave me a call and said the client, Warner Bros., wanted to add some additional footage to a video game sizzle reel and could I help out. So while I was driving around collecting checks from Happy Hour and Secret Headquarters last Friday, I headed over to his place to pick up a drive with all the media. This would be a project I'd cut at home on my own system, uploading cuts for him to watch, give notes on and pass along to the client.

Over the course of three days earlier this week I retooled the piece to reflect the newer footage, plus added some really cool game action with a character I can't talk about but whose movie will be premiering next summer. Two cuts went out to Warners with a few minor changes. Learned on Wednesday that the spot had been approved and so today I drove back to his house to return the drive....and very happily pick up a check! Working at home and getting paid as soon as I'm done; priceless.

BTW, his company's name is Forward Never Straight Productions (FNS) and is located in Venice, CA.

In the meantime while trying to snag my next gig, I've been taking the time off to organize a number of things around my apartment and really getting some much needed progress on my 'to-do' list.


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