Monday, September 13, 2010

New cool project at Happy Hour Creative!

Got a call from Chris at Happy Hour last Friday asking what my availability was for this week. Said he had a major motion picture project about to come in but didn't want to tell me what it was because he was afraid of jinzing it's arrival. The studio needs several trailers/broadcast spots. I'd hear from him Monday (today) to confirm that they'd either need me this afternoon or tomorrow. Word came down in the mid-afternoon that I should come in Tuesday morning to begin and will be working the rest of this week, with a good possibility of continuing into next week.

He finally told me what the movie was and asked that I keep it hush-hush, so unfortunately I can't even say that much. Be assured it's definitely big and a major release. Really excited about starting on this!

Of course with the good chance of it spilling over an additional week and Rebecca's three day birthday weekend trip to San Diego, I'm working out the details of how I can continue on the project without being here on next Monday. Chris said we may just be waiting for notes on Monday in which there would be no problem with my absentee day. This week will tell how things shake out.


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