Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wrapped at Secret Headquarters

Friday ended up being my last day at Secret Headquarters for right now. I was told that if there were changes on the projects I worked on this past week then they'd call me in to address those. But in the meantime I'm getting feelers back out to houses like Happy Hour to see what might be upcoming. Thanks to work with not only SH but Precision Post as well I'm now covered financially for the month of September which is a very good feeling. BUT...I need to keep working!

Having a few days off now will happily allow me to get a few at-home projects done. This includes sorting through some recent photos to post and hopefully finishing up on that project I was trying to contact Steve Sansweet about. Even though the time to put it in his hands has past, I still intend to post the completed video on YouTube. More on that soon.


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