Friday, August 13, 2010

Shortened week at Secret Headquarters

Looks like my time this week with Secret Headquarters has come to a close. A trailer they'd scheduled that I was to cut ended up going to a freelance editor working out of his home for a lot less money. So I was told they wouldn't have anything for me today or the first part of next week.

Everything pointed to my rolling into next week full-on. But such is this business; on again one day, off again the next. Dave did say he wanted me to contact him near the beginning of next week and that he'd probably need me back in towards the later half. He showed me a list of upcoming scheduled projects, which I'm hoping might mean a couple of steady work weeks ahead of me.

No matter what, I dive back into the job searching tomorrow morning. Chris at Happy Hour did say that due to the AFM (American Film Market) coming up in November, he expected to need me going into next month.

Among other things, I'm looking for this work to financially allow me to make a trip back to Albany and pick up my remaining belongings stashed at Mom's. The beginning of September is my shoot-for time, but of course everything depends on the workflow.


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