Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hump day at Secret Headquarters

Today was a good work day. Finished the first rough cut of the "Raising Hope" featurette. Click on the image to see a full-sized still of the cast. The show is created and produced by "My Name Is Earl" creator Greg Garcia. Tomorrow morning I'll be adding footage from the latest version of the pilot we just received. This won't change my cut, just a higher quality picture I'll need to over-cut the previous version of the footage that's now part of the piece.

May be spending tomorrow waiting for notes to come back from FOX. Will know tomorrow if they need me for Friday which I hope they do. My check for last week should be in my hands tomorrow or by the latest Friday. I really love their payment system. One week after the previous week of work they cut you a check. No 30-day wait period for these guys!

Definitely gaining a repore with the people who work at Secret Headquarters. Of course it helps that the head of the company drives a Mini and so do I! But seriously I think I'm fitting in nicely. Here's hoping they might continue to need me next week as well.


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