Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Caddyshack": 30 years later it's still IN THE HOLE!!!!

It's funny how a number of movies we hold near and dear were panned by critics when originally released. "Caddyshack" experienced this same fate, even though at the time I was one of the people who loved it right from the start. It's also very cool how this little film that initially never quite reached the heights it aspired to, being the next "Animal House", is now considered a true classic from the perspective of this 30th anniversary.

There are so many great lines from "Caddyshack" that have resonated with people all these years, and spawning fans from not just the movie geek community but the golfing industry as well. I recently saw the very well produced, two hour long, completely all-inclusive documentary for "Caddyshack" on the Biography Channel. There was SO MUCH I never knew about the making of the movie! A wealth of behind the scenes footage that's never surfaced before, as well as a ton of photos of the cast hanging out and having parties in between filming. This just kicked the shit out of the 20th anniversary DVD featurette which is like a matchbook cover in comparison to the encyclopedia of knowledge I witnessed during this fan fest!

BIO also produced two other classic movie documentaries this year for "Saturday Night Fever" and "Jaws" that also went way, way, WAY beyond anything that's every been released on home video. Once again, so much unearthed media that's never been out there in the public eye. Great stories that normally would be too small to include anywhere else, all rolled out at gleeful full length here.

Rebecca has these on her DVR still and I plan to capture and burn them to DVD. Chris at Happy Hour told me that the reason why these specials are chocked full of so much content is because the budgets are bigger for networks like Biography as opposed to the DVD market. Kind of sad when yo realize that there are so many other films out there that we'd LOVE to see every bit of footage, photo image, and behind the scenes story for. But it all comes down to money in the big world of the entertainment industry.

BTW, the soundtrack to "Caddyshack" has always been a favorite of mine as well. From Kenny Loggins "I'm Alright" and his other four songs from the movie that dominated side 1 of the LP and cassette, through Hilly Michaels' "Something on Your Mind" (HEY!!...my buddy!"!), Journey's "Any Way You Want It" (so what? so let's dance!!"), The Beat, The Beat's "There She Goes", plus Johnny Mandel's orchestral tracks. I listened to this album a lot back then, and still do to this day! In fact, Screen Archives recently released a special edition soundtrack on CD...which of course I had to snatch right up when it came out! Amazingly, before now I've only ever had it on cassette.



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*snort* You said cassette! I love it!


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