Saturday, August 7, 2010

"BTTF" Celebration questions and concerns

I've been thinking lately about the high prices they're asking for to attend various functions at the "Back to the Future" 25th Anniversary Celebration this November.

On the official website (which you can go to by clicking on the '25th' image) there's been ticket and price listings that still seem a little excessive, even though I appreciated the fact that they'd broken down the once 'entire event package only' into individual event tickets for you to pick and choose. Initially I'd posted here that this seemed like a much better option financially. But as time has gone on it seems to me (and apparently to others as well) that the cost is still a bit through the roof here and there.

Until recently they had a ticket ticker that said how many had been sold and how many remained. I'd noticed that only a few events had sold one or two or three tickets, but there was certainly not a clamoring to buy. The only thing that sold out within a short amount of time was the 25th Anniversary screening of the first movie at the Puente Hills Mall, which of course is the location where Doc Brown's DeLorean test and Marty's flight from the Libyans was shot.

Overpricing case in point; The Enchantment Under the Sea Gala Evening - $150 a person. And this is an early bird special! After September 1st the price goes up to $250!!

Hey, even just for $150 a pop I wanna see Huey Lewis and The News performing LIVE on stage and see Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox mingling extensively with fans! Is that too much to ask if I'm ponying up such a wad of cash?! Just read a comment on Facebook that the organizer is presently looking for a cover band to perform that night....a cover band?! Seriously?!

They've recently taken down the 'tickets sold' ticker which could mean the limit is now nondescript. Yes, I understand this is for TeamFox for Parkinson's Decease...absolutely a worthy cause. Don't get me wrong, I still think this is going to be an amazing celebration! But the bottom line is they need to provide more assurances and even guarantees to the fans that they're getting something REALLY special for what they're paying. I'm keeping a regular eye on ticket sales and still have my list of 'must-see' scheduled events. But if I'm going to make a major commitment to something I believe will be THE "BTTF" event of the year, I need them to SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Or even better, SHOW ME THE GOODS so I can SHOW THEM THE MONEY!!!


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