Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The bad first part of this week

Hey, where's that "Scott Pilgrim" review?

Well, Monday and Tuesday were pretty awful days at work. Today was better, but there were some major conflicts about the how a series of cutdowns were edited for this "The Replay" project. That linked with elongated hours both days, stupid people on the 405 who don't deserve to possess a driver's license, giant crows waiting in trees above my parking space at work dropping giant baseball-sized shit onto my Mini, and a further realization that a lot of people just flat out suck has pretty much had me trying to survive to get to the end of my time at Precision, which was today.

Tomorrow morning I return to Secret Headquarters to work on a couple of projects until the end of this week and hopefully into next.

More details on this AND my "Scott Pilgrim" review starting tomorrow morning before I head off to work. We'll get there.


At August 19, 2010 at 2:33 AM, Anonymous Allen Pinney said...

Do you need the cat hanging from the tree branch "Hang in There" poster?


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