Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back at Secret Headquarters this week

Started back with SH last Thursday after the horrendous (mostly) three days at Precision Post. Miscommunication was a bit rampant among just about everyone for the first two days, while Wednesday was more of a 'leave me alone, I'm cutting' day.

I've mainly been putting together EPKs at Secret Headquarters, with last Thursday seeing me cut interviews and B-Roll for the TV series "House". Friday I switching over to do another one for a new FOX series entitled "Running Wilde" starring Will Arnett. Monday's was also for a new FOX series, "Raising Hope". When you get right down to it it's monotonous and boring work, and yesterday at 3:30pm I was literally pleading the clock to move ahead to 6pm so I could leave! HOWEVER....this is work and I am very VERY appreciative to have it!!

Late yesterday I learned that they want to put me on hold for the remainder of the week, after it was stated last Thursday that they'd at least need me through Wednesday. So this is more good news, PLUS as mentioned before, these guys pay weekly! GOD BLESS IT! After completing one week I receive a check about halfway through the next. You absolutely cannot beat that!

Today I'll be showing the producer my EPK selects for "Raising Hope" and moving on to a featurette on the show. At last, creativity time!


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