Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pogo's latest music remix, "Upular"

O.K. it's funny...when I first watched / heard this video, I liked it. But the second viewing is when I became totally hooked!! Musically I think it's even better than his (Pogo's) "Terminator 2" remix. "Upular" is another amazing, catchy cut I just had to download and put on my iPod. I haven't counted how many times I've listened to it at home and in the car!

Once again, Pogo has mixed only sounds, dialogue, and musical snippets, this time from the movie "Up", in what has to be the work of someone who truly loves and knows every beat of this film! It resonates even more because I am such a big fan of the movie as well. Once again I'm truly blown away by the precision and musical crafting of this piece, not to mention the hours and days I'm sure it took to put together! Like the character of Russell says at the very end..."WOW!"


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