Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Just spoke with Chris here at Happy Hour Creative. The new project that just came in yesterday will not only give me enough work to stick around through the end of this week, BUT ALL OF NEXT WEEK AS WELL!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!!

THIS is what I hoped for, prayed for, and had faith in!! That I would continue to have work going into July that would carry me through Comic-Con! Now that work is A REALITY!! Of course Monday is a holiday being that it's the forth of July weekend...but no matter. Those full four days next week will ensure everything I want and need to do! And of course there's still the iPhone that I'm hoping to buy before heading to San Diego. Recently I wondered whether or not I could even afford it over the course of these next couple of weeks, but now the door is opening again. Just need to do the numbers first.

Once again.....YES, THE WORK GODS HAVE SPOKEN!!! I am indeed replete with the excitement, wonder, magic, and most importantly THE MEANS to fully enjoy my own personal Mecca!!! Let the bells chime!!!


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