Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Continuing at Happy Hour Creative, a new job comes in

Just found out I will definitely be here at Happy Hour all this week. Plus, a new project has just come in that they want to put me on. With two others I'm in the middle of working on at the moment, and even though this is only Tuesday, I'm really starting to feel like I may actually spill over into next week as well. No guarantees yet, but based on previous experience I wanna say yes!

If that occurs, my complete financial plan for Comic-Con will be well in hand. I truly had faith that everything would work out and once again, "it's all happening!"

Also, there was a job listing on Mandy.com yesterday for a sizzle reel editor at a post house called Make It Happen Productions. I'd previously contacted them with my reel and resume, even ending up with an interview in 2004. As always, gotta keep moving forward. Expanding the number of posts houses I now am in touch with has given me a continued sense of satisfaction that I'm literally leaving no stone unturned.


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