Sunday, May 30, 2010

On for another week at Happy Hour!

Word came down on Friday that they need me to stay on for one more week at Happy Hour Creative! Yeah, baby!! Finished up cutting a few changes on my second "Lottery Ticket" spot and there's one VO change I'll be adding on Monday to the first one.

A somewhat major overhaul came in from Disney regarding the "Sing-It" promotional spot I'm working on, thus the need for me to stay put. Plus, Chris mentioned that those "Lottery Ticket" spots were going to test next weekend, so there could invariably be more notes to take on the week after this coming.

I continue to feel very blessed that I'm being extended week after week. After all I was originally scheduled for two weeks when Chris first called me in April. This coming week will begin my seventh! GOD BLESS IT!!!


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