Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Golden Trailer Award nominations...and a disappointment

I didn't want to make a big deal out of this before because I didn't want to jinx anything.

When my "The Book of Eli" spot was chosen by Warner Bros. to open the official movie website, I was flying for days! What an incredible thing to happen in my career! But I would have to say that it was shortly after that that I started having thoughts of this thing possibly being nominated for a Golden Trailer Award.

The nominees are culled from work created between May of the previous year and April of the current year, so I knew I'd be eligible for the 2010 awards. But I also knew I shouldn't put too much emphasis on whether I'd be nominated or not. It was certainly a glow I kept inside...hoping...wishing. I really have felt like the time was right; I'd worked my way up to this point in the film industry, I'd just crossed a major milestone in my life, and the spot definitely had some major buzz at Happy Hour Creative where I cut it.

As I drove to work today (still at Happy Hour), I had the sun roof open and the music cranked. THIS was the day that everything could come together. I was feeling good, positive, and had faith I'd see my spot amongst the nominations when they were finally revealed sometime today.

Alas, that was not to be.

Even though I was trying to not box myself into being really disappointed when my work didn't appear on the list, I have to admit I was pretty down when I saw that my spot was not nominated. Because of the 'off and on' of working freelance, I looked at this as a time, an acknowledgment that might not come again right away. I still see continued big things in my future, absolutely. But this was like I was just about to touch the face of God...almost there but not quite. Looking through the list, I noticed that a "Eli" spot called "The Path" cut by Trailer Park was nominated in both the Best Thriller and Best Action TV Spot catagories. After watching it I honestly feel (in my humble opinion) that mine was better.

But here's the great thing that I ultimately take away from today and right now; Warner Bros. DID choose my spot to open the official website for the movie back in January, and that spot is STILL THERE!! So regardless of not getting this nomination, that's still a major achievement in my career! I am so grateful for and proud of that! Plus, the future's wide open. I know I'm a damned good editor (the really positive feedback I get from post houses I work for doesn't hurt either) and this will happen again.

For those of you who may not have seen my spot, click on the "The Book of Eli" 1-sheet to go to the official site and check it out. It's the first video that plays.


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