Thursday, April 29, 2010

"South Park" season pass message.....seriously?!

Because I have a Season 14 pass to "South Park" on iTunes, I received the following message from the iTunes Music Store last night:

"Thank you for purchasing a Season Pass for South Park, Season 14. Episodes "200" and "201" are currently not available for download. We do not know if Comedy Central will make these episodes available at a later date. We appreciate your understanding and have issued two free video credits to your account."

200 and 201 are the now controversial Muhammad episodes.

O.K. firstly, I really appreciate that they gave me two video credits. Secondly, two weeks ago when Episode 200 became available, it actually downloaded automatically (standard function when you open the application). So I'm happy about that as well. Thank you, iTunes!

However, my chain is jerked further that this whole Muhammad thing has now caused my purchase to be diverted. MUHAMMAD ALMIGHTY!!! Just give me my damned episode! How am I going to see what happens in the end! Where's my attorney!!! Seriously, it makes me wonder if this two part episode will actually be treated like Disney's "Song of the South"; buried forever because it's SOOO un-PC.


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