Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, IT'S OFFICIAL!: "Greatest American Hero" movie in the works!

AT LAST!!! Sci-Fi Wire reported today that Stephen J. Cannell has in fact signed a deal to create a "Greatest American Hero" theatrical feature! This was part of the buzz surrounding the GAH panel at this year's Comic-Con, with cast members William Katt, Robert Culp, and Connie Sellecca in attendance.

The concept right now seems likely to surround a new guy getting the suit, possibly include a Bill Maxwell type character trying the run the show, with Katt's Ralph acting as mentor. This hot on the heels of news that Sony is prepping a new "Ghostbusters" sequel with the original line up (Ackroyd, Murray, Ramis, and Hudson) guiding some new recruits.

I think it's definitely the right time for a GAH movie, especially with movies like "Iron Man", "Dark Knight", and a whole legion of superhero flicks riding high now. While I was standing in line to get William Katt and Robert Culp's autograph I spoke with a fellow fan who had the inspired idea of having Owen Wilson play Ralph and Tommy Lee Jones play Bill Maxwell. O.K. so maybe Jones more like ten years ago, circa "Men In Black. But Wilson could be fun.

I am incredibly psyched for this new incarnation of "The Greatest American Hero", and I hope with Cannell's guidance it won't turn out to be half-assed and kid-ified.

I saw this on movieweb.com this morning, and thanks, Allen, for the link to the Sci-Fi Wire article. Click on the photo for the full report.


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