Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Wave Entertainment: Officially Booked!

After almost 4 years of trying to get my foot in the door at New Wave Entertainment, one of THE TOP DVD and trailer post houses, I have finally been booked for my first gig!

Having updated my reel and resume I managed to get 6 of 20 packages out the door last week to various post facilities, most of which being trailer houses. I originally wanted to have all 20 ready to mail, but it was getting late on a work night and I underestimated the time to package everything. Yesterday I mailed the remaining 14. But I am SO glad I chose New Wave as one of the first 6 because they called yesterday morning to ask my availability.

I worked this week on a teaser trailer with KO Creative again and that project ended today. Sam, my contact at New Wave, wanted me to come in on Monday, saying if I was finished early on the other project to give him a call. So today I called and he said it would be great if I could come in tomorrow. YAY! I am so happy!

Wow. New Wave Entertainment. This is, in fact, huge.

I understand that they've tapered back working on theatrical trailers. However that does still seem to be in the mix for them and something I intend to pursue along with the DVD content.

Tomorrow I begin working on the director's intro and a behind the scenes featurette for the "Troy" Extended Director's Cut DVD.


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