Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And Now...The Month That Really Matters!

Now that we've left the uneventful April, which I'm frankly glad is over, we can move on to the amazing anniversaries, events, movies, and toys.

First up, welcome to "Spider-Man 3" week! Yes, tomorrow night is the midnight screening at The Arclight in Hollywood and I am pumped. I even have the O.K. at work to come in a little later in the morning. The producer I'm working with is a comic fan and we're in the middle of working on a comic book project so he understands...but more about that in a moment.

My Mini has finally docked at Port of Hueneme, about 30 miles from here, where it will move over to the Mini distribution center for final inspections, etc. Still waiting to see this info roll over on the Mini site, but I did speak with the saleswoman
at the dealership today. Had to line up the installation of my alarm. She told me that it is in fact at the dock. Of course there is unloading and customs to go through which will take some time.

The Aquaman project I was to work on at The Cannery went to another editor because the schedule didn't mesh with me finishing up at KO Creative two weeks ago. Instead I am working on a 10 minute featurette for the "Super Powers: Galactic Guardians" DVD. That will be finished by next Monday. At which time there is nothing new lined up for me at The Cannery until the first of June. Time not to relax but to push forward with my career now.

I now, FINALLY, have 20 reels and resumes ready to mail off to a myriad of trailer and DVD post houses. There were a few last minute tweeks and revisions.

Thanks to Crystal helping me do a major overhaul on my resume, it's much more condensed and precise, bringing all the important points about my work and experience more to the surface. Over the last few years it had become bogged down with an overage of information and was going to take up two and a half pages. She managed to get it down to one!

Tonight I'll finish up labeling the DVD's and packaging everything for tomorrow's mail.

Last week I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Been eating soup, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and ice cream for the last week. Because of this I've dropped 8 lbs. I'll be ready for more solid food this weekend thankfully. Went in for my follow up appointment yesterday and the dentist said everything was progressing really well. The discomforted has finally ebbed and I'm feeling much better now.


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