Thursday, October 7, 2004

...AND WE'RE BACK!!! (or "Dodging Earthquakes and Passing Celebrities")

Wow...what a week that was back East! Spent most of my time upgrading the reel; Bowl montages and promos needed to be loaded, menus and buttons needed to be changed, final scrutinization and polishing of every detail was essential. Then came updating and printing the resume, DVD labels and inserts. There was hardly time to wipe myself! Seemed like I was in front of that computer most of the week...but it was more like a few hours each day. Sure I took some time to have lunch with Bill B. and watch "Star Wars" cranked on the big screen...unfortunately "Empire" and "Jedi" plus the supplemental disc will have to wait until I return for the holidays.

Talk about celebrities dying in three's...all within a 48 hour period! Janet Leigh, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, and Rodney Dangerfield.

Initially when I heard Rodney was in a coma I thought 'this could be it'. Then it seemed he was getting better and would be out soon. I was surprised to hear of his death finally and touched to learn he awoke, grasped his wife's hand, and smiled to his doctor's...and then he was gone.

"Oh look at this hat...what do you get a bowl of soup when you buy this?...oh but it looks good on you though."

On to Mother Nature, here's the second time I've dodged an earthquake in California. Last December there was one north of here two weeks after I came home for the holidays. This one of course was in Parkfield where aftershocks were felt from LA to San Francisco. My sources here say if you were completely still in a quiet room you may have felt something.

Got back to LA on Tuesday. The game plan now is to deliver resumes and reels to 15 post houses I've already picked out. These include ones I've either interviewed with or contacted previously, and others I'm approaching cold. Plus there will be postings on several job sites I'll need to get copies to when they pop up as well. Word from Autonomy is things have slowed a bit this week. Hopefully that will change soon but in the meantime I'm not stopping my persistance with every other post house. At the end of October if nothing is happening I have to return home. I have a good amount of money squirreled away for the holidays and am determined not to break into it. With that in the bank I won't need to work for 3 to 4 months...although there could be a few minor projects happening in Albany. However I'd much prefer work to continue out here. As mentioned before, December and the first part of January are always severe down times in Hollywood.

On top of all this I started getting a cold right before I left to come back to LA. That was magnified by the pressure change on the plane. So yesterday I took it easy, chugging DayQuil every 4 hours and trying to unclog my right ear...Better today with only minimal coughing and head congestion. It's funny, yesterday when I was taking medication for my cold I felt very much at peace with the world; relaxed, not worried about the forthcoming move...I have to say it was a very comforting state. Today after being out a little while I started to get very tired. No nap for me though because I need to finish preparing the remainder of the resumes and reels for delivery tomorrow, and that means getting done before rush hour. I could mail these but feel it's better to hand deliver them. You put in a personal appearance, plus it's not just something that shows up in the mail. The package is specially given to that contact person.

Lots of good stuff happening this month on the entertainment front...

"Team America: World Police"...YES! It has an R rating! Opens on the 15th and I am SOOOO there! Trey and Matt say one of the overriding themes of this film is puppets kicking the shit out of each other. Who needs anything else?!

October 19th sees "X2: X-Men United" at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood followed by Q&A with Laura Shuler-Donner. Yes, count me in!

And finally The Arclight Dome will be presenting "This Is Cinerama" on the 21st. The Dome of course was built for Cinerama and I've always been fascinated to see this. Now I can actually experience it the way it was meant to be seen. Again...yes count me in!


At October 9, 2004 at 6:43 PM, Anonymous The Hey said...

Damn you....I am SO envious. I got to see "How The West Was Won" in Cinerama in RI when I was a wee lad, but it's been a (long) while and that theatre has been long gone for decades.


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