Saturday, August 14, 2004

The plan this past week...

...with the Hollywood Bowl project was to have Thursday and Friday off. Autonomy had another project booked into the suite we were using, so I was looking forward to 4 days off in a row. Last weekend was kind of hectic and I felt like this would make up for it.

Wednesday, Gina calls and asks since I'm off on those two days would I like to cut a promo. I of course said yes so she booked me in. Thursday when I arrived I found the project that had bumped the Bowl was the one I was about to begin!

I was to create a 60 sec. promo for "Cellular", the film starring Kim Basinger which opens in September. Basically a couple of Kim's interview bites talking about her character intercut with scenes from the movie. This type of promo is actually called an 'interstitial'. Worked with a new producer, Angela, and cut the spot using clips from the trailer New Line had sent over. It's for Lifetime Television and New Line Cinema BTW. Angela loved what I came up with and only had one tweek to the ending. Of course it has to go over to Lifetime for approval, but I learned on Friday that they wanted to see my skill working on a promo, which they do a lot of at Autonomy. Think they appreciated that they could give me a project with little guidance and I ran with it. That's what I enjoy the most. I did have a previous promo for Angelina Jolie's "Beyond Borders" as a guide, but they wanted each one to be unique. All in all I'm sure this continues to secure my future with Autonomy.

So I've added this to the "Current Projects" sidebar. The link is to the movie site NOT the promo I cut, but they do have the trailer I used footage from. Most of the time I'll be using these links to provide more info about the content of the project. Whenever possible I'll have a link to the actual promo, trailer, film clip, etc. I worked on.


At August 17, 2004 at 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, yeah - you continue to ignore the "litle people".
We are still very proud of you *sniff-sniff*, but you could write home once in a while!!! SHUT UP!


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